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Payment Methods

At you can pay in the following ways.


1) COD
You can pay by cash on delivery, if you want to pay for your order in cash upon delivery, with an extra charge of 2 euros.

Valid regardless of the order amount.

2) Credit / Debit Card accepts all Visa, VISA ELECTRON, MasterCard and DINNERS credit cards. Credit card details are not registered and are not collected at Giving special importance to securing your transactions. Credit cards are cleared in the safest environment of Alpha Bank and ONLY. You will need to fill in all the details of your credit card in order for the order request to be registered.
Credit card payment provides you with the possibility of installments:

Once you click Finish Order, you do not have to close the browser or change the page until it is confirmed / completed. In case you are not automatically transferred to our page, please contact us immediately.

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